The incenTrip project was initially funded by the U.S. Department of Energy's Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy (ARPA-E) through a $4.5 million TRANSNET program grant. Technical development for incenTrip technology has also benefited from funding from the National Science Foundation, and the U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration. The projects in ARPA-E's TRANSNET program employ new transportation system models, network control architectures, and incentive strategies to reduce energy use, emissions and congestion.

Multimodal Trip Planning and Traveler Information

Plan trips with the best travel mode, departure time, and route - saving you time, money, and fuel!. Receive real-time alerts and travel options in response to accidents and incidents.

Personalized and Real-Time Traveler Incentives

Earn reward points for each trip you plan with incenTrip and exchange them for your favorite gift cards, gas cards, transit passes, EZ pass credits, rideshare, or cash. Reward points are optimized for each user and each trip to maximize the system-level effectiveness of monetary incentive benefits.

incenTrip Learns and Predicts Person-Level Behavior

Using artificial intelligence, incenTrip learns your travel patterns and habits, and constantly seeks to improve your travel experience.

incenTrip is fun and easy to use

Monetary and non-monetary incentives make incenTrip fun and easy to use. In addition to choosing greener travel decisions, users can also earn points by inviting friends, winning challenges, and reaching personal or group goals. Access exclusive benefits after advancing to higher membership levels. Improve your own commute while helping other commuters.

Practice Eco-Driving and Save Money on Fuel

Are you a fuel efficient driver? No worries, if you are not there yet, you can earn reward points and save money when you practice eco-driving. incenTrip gives you customized driving style suggestions that can save you hundreds of dollars in fuel cost each year.

Avoid traffic, save fuel, and earn rewards with travel information & incentives personalized just for you.

incenTrip employs the latest ARPA-E technology to accurately predict traffic to help travelers avoid both day-to-day congestion and traffic jams caused by traffic accidents, work zones, special events and adverse weather conditions. Users earn reward points while receiving recommendations on the best travel mode, departure time as well as route recommendations. Additionally, incenTrip analyzes and helps users adopt eco-friendly driving behavior, which could save each user hundreds of dollars in fuel cost each year. Earn reward points every time you plan a trip with incenTrip, take advantage of multimodal travel options, and invite your friends. With a single click, exchange your reward points for gas cards, free transit rides, EZ pass credits, bikeshare and Uber rides, gift cards, charity donations, or cash.