Cost-effective solutions for travel demand management, congestion mitigation, and emissions reduction.

For government agencies, incenTrip app revolutionizes travel demand and traffic management. By supporting incenTrip and providing incentives to travelers, agencies can more effectively fight congestion, and reduce energy use and emissions. The key innovation of incenTrip is the development of personalized and dynamic incentives that vary based on individual preferences and real-time traffic conditions - significantly improving the cost-effectiveness of traveler incentives. Participating agencies can monitor incenTrip performance via a customized agency dashboard. With more than 30,000 app users in the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore region, your participation in the incenTrip eco-system improves multimodal transportation system performance along congested corridors. Please contact the app developer team if you would like to customize the incenTrip app for your specific agency needs and/or integrate the incenTrip technology with your existing tools/platforms.

Being able to predict person-level behavior means mobility and location-based service advantages and profits.

Other incenTrip technology users include:

  • Automobile, IT, and TNC companies that aspire to provide enhanced mobility and location based services to their users.
  • Existing demand management companies seeking solutions for dynamic and personalized incentives.
  • Fleet managers pursuing low cost and immediately deployable solutions to save fuel cost, reduce the cost of congestion, and improve productivity.
  • Organizations looking to increase transit ridership, carpool, walking, biking, and sustainable travel.
  • Employers who would like to offer customized incentives to their employees to improve their commute experience and reduce parking demand.